Tips for creating LightScribe labels in the Acoustica Label Maker software


Tips for creating LightScribe labels in the Acoustica Label Maker software.

Below are some tips for generating better quality LightScribe labels using Acoustica and an Aleratec DVD/CD Publishing unit.


  1. After starting the Acoustica software the first thing to select is the type of label you will be designing. Below the label area on the right of the screen is a drop-down box. Click on this and select one of the LightScribe options.

  2. Next, select the LightScribe Print Mode by clicking on the drop-down box in the upper right-hand corner of the window. There are 3 modes to choose from:

    1. Title mode: Printable area is a thin circular band around the center of the disc. Good for text only labels. Shortest print time.

    2. Content mode: Printable area covers the inner half of the disc. Good for text and graphics. Moderate print time.

    3. Full mode: Printable area covers the entire disc. Good for text and graphics, especially when using a graphic as a background image. Longest print time.

Using Text

  1. Add a text box by click on the Text icon in the toolbar. Once that is open click on the double greater than button in the format toolbar. This will open the Text Properties box.

  2. In order for the text on the label to be darker it is best to select a font type that is thicker and darker and/or make the text bold. Increase the font size to make the text larger.

  3. For better looking text and to decrease printing time, change the text from straight to curved and set what direction the curve is. (This is due to the fact that LightScribe prints in concentric circles.)

  4. Once the text settings are complete, close the Text Properties box and enter the text. To adjust the position of the text on the disc use the red positioning boxes. This will change the position of the text between the inner and outer portions of the disc. Placing the text closer to the inner circle will help decrease print time as printing goes from the inner circle outwards.

Using Graphics

  1. To add a picture/graphic click on the Art Browse tab on the left side of the screen. Images can either be added to the label and resized, or the entire image can be set as the background of the entire label.

  2. After the image is added to the label or set as the background it's a good idea to convert it to black and white. Right-click on the image and choose the 'Convert to Black and White'.

  3. To change the contrast of the image, right-click on it and use the 'Make Brighter' and 'Make Darker' options or use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl +; Ctrl -).


  1. Click on the Print LightScribe label button and the print window will come up. Here select the drives to be printed to and the print quality. For DVD's use Best for the quality for darker labels. For CD's, Normal or Best can be used.

  2. For the darkest label ajust the contrast setting in the LightScribe Control Panel. You can get there by going to Start<Programs<LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling. Under 'Modify contrast settings' select the first option. Print time will be longer.

  3. If after printing the label is still not as dark as you would like, you can print onto the same disc again. The LightScribe process knows where all the label contents go, so as long as nothing is changed on the label it will just darken the already printed areas.

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