Creating an audio CD with CD-Text using Nero


This article describes the process of creating an audio CD with CD-Text using Nero.

When creating an audio CD (or a disc image to burn audio CD's from) Nero has some options to add CD-Text. CD-Text is information, like artist and song title, that can be added to the audio files on a CD. The steps below outline how to add audio files in Nero and add CD-Text to the songs and the disc. (Note: CD-Text can only be read by compatible CD players and certain playback software.)

Creating an Audio CD with CD-Text

  1. Go to Start<Programs<Nero 8 or Start<Programs<Nero 7 Essentials<Data, and click on Nero Express Essentials.

  2. The Nero Express Essentials window will open; click on Music<Audio CD

  3. On the next screen click the Add button.

  4. The Add Files and Folder window will come up. Browse to the audio files, select them and click Add. Click Close when done. (Note: To select multiple files hold down Ctrl key while clicking each file.)

  5. Select one of the audio files in the project window and click the Properties button. The Track Properties box will come up. Here enter the Title and Artist information for the particular track and click OK. Do the same for the rest of the tracks. (Tip: To change Artist information for all tracks, select all the files then click Properties, enter Artist name and click OK.)

  6. Click Next after all the files have been added and the Final Burn Settings window comes up. Here enter album title and artist information for the disc. Artist field here is for entire disc, not individual tracks.

  7. Select the current recorder. In this example select image recorder to create a disc image file. Click Burn and a Save Image file box will come up. Select where you want to save the file, enter a name in the File name field and click Save. (Note: If burning to a disc select the drive with the blank CD, click burn and the files will be burned to the disc.)

  8. Once the disc image is created (or the disc is finished burning) a box will come up saying it's completed. Click OK on the message, then click Next and close Nero.

  9. Before Nero closes it prompts you if you would like to save this project. Click No to close Nero without saving or yes to save to a Nero Project file.

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