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Can I replace the DVD/CD burner in my duplicator with any drive?


Can I replace the DVD/CD burner in my duplicator with any drive?

The answer to this depends on the duplicator model. If the duplicator is a 1:1 unit that has one DVD-Rom and one DVD/CD burner, then any DVD/CD burner will work as long as the connection type is the same (either IDE or SATA). If the duplicator has more than one DVD/CD burner in it, then there are requirements for duplication to work properly. In multi-burner duplicators all the burning drives need to be the exact same model drive and have the same firmware version (and same connection type). If a single DVD/CD burner goes out in one of these duplicators the replacement drive must match the others that remain in the duplicator. Otherwise all DVD/CD burners in the duplicator will have to be replaced. This holds true for stand-alone and computer-connected duplicators.

Note: You cannot put in a drive that does a different media type than the original did. For example, if the duplicator only does CD's, then only CD-Rom or CD burners can be used; it will not do DVD's.

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