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DVD/CD Robo Racer LS Duplex Win Mac Part # 280113
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"Waiting on Nero" message when trying to burn/copy and LightScribe discs.
"Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name" error when connecting a RoboRacer to Windows Vista or Windows 7
DVD/CD RoboRacer duplicator is no longer loading discs into the drive
DVD/CD RoboRacer optimization for Windows
Disabling the AutoPlay/Auto Insert Notification functions in Windows
Drive on RoboRacer unit will not eject with the software
Drive tray ejects when trying to burn a CD on a DVD/CD RoboRacer
RoboRacer utility displays message "Nero Failed to Connect to Drive" when trying to burn discs.
Same drive letter showing in the RoboRacer LS Duplex utility for both drives
Using with a Mac computer
DVD/CD Robo Racer LS, part no. 280110
1-3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS, part no. 280106
1-4 DVD/CD Tower Publisher LS, part no. 260160
1-4 DVD/CD Tower Publisher LS, part no. 260150
1-3 DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLS Part # 260162
1-2 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser HLS, part no. 260171
1-2 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser LS, part no. 260151
Mac Software Questions
1-2 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro HLX - LightScribe Publishing System Win/Mac Part # 260167
1-4 DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLS - LightScribe Publishing System Win/Mac Part # 260170
1-3 DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLS Win/Mac - LightScribe Tower Publisher Part # 260179
1-8 DVD/CD Tower Publisher HLX, part no 260159

Problems loading source discs or copied discs not ejecting properly on RoboRacer LS or LS Duplex


Problems loading source discs (when using Copy function) or copied discs not ejecting properly after burning. What could be the problem?

If when using one of the Copy Disc functions there is a problem creating the image file and/or if burned discs don't eject properly there could be some other software trying to access the disc simultaneously. Apple's iTunes software can cause problems depending on it's default behavior when a CD is loaded into a drive. See below on what setting is optimal.

  1. Open up iTunes either from the desktop shortcut or from Start<Programs<iTunes.

  2. Click on Edit<Preferences.

  3. In the Preferences windows go to the General tab.

  4. For the setting that says "When you insert a CD:" set to 'Ask to Import CD'.

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